Situationz is a steamy and provocative novel about sisterhood, betrayal, and lies.


Ja'Nae is sensible and quick on her feet. She embodies all of the principles of her sorority, Psi Kapp. Will she come to the aid of her friends when they need her the most? Or, will she let her own life get in the way?


Denise wants to go to medical school. However, a devastating incident, and her subsequent decisions, have her turning to unlikely arms.


Finally, Brianna is a YouTube sensation who dances her way into the hearts of many. Will she sashay her way into the arms she wants?


With sexy escapades, and a whole lot of drama, will these three friends make it out of their situationz?



In the jaw dropping sequel to Situationz, readers are tantalized with the provocative and sexy return of the trio we fell in love with: JaNae, Brianna, and Denise. It’s been five years and situation after situation, the ladies’ worlds are flipped upside down. Will Janae open her heart again or continue to live in the pain of tragedy? Will Brianna’s budding future be torn apart by a secret from the past? When Denise is faced with a life or death decision, which way will she choose? Can the friendship, bond, and sisterhood keep them together as obstacles try to test them from all directions?

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Dark Hearts is the collection of poetry written by Surreal and coauthor DVine Pen. Inspiration for Dark Hearts comes from the commitment to past relationships, which ended with the loss of love and ended in pain. Each poem is the embodiment of those relationships and the hardships of each one.

The written words of Dark Hearts literally bleed the feelings and emotions experienced over the years. This book was written to remove the shadows and shed light on feelings locked away inside. Conversing through ink and paper, Dark Hearts will surely identify with each reader and captivate fans.